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Transform your space with the timeless beauty of reclaimed wood.

Atlanta Barnwood offers hand crafted, heirloom quality wood furniture, and a wide variety of rustic, reclaimed wood products for inspiring homes and businesses.

Popular Wood Products

You love the look of reclaimed wood, but finding the right wood for your project is a pain.

Whether you’re building a new home, looking for unique décor options, or exploring ways to build furniture, selecting the right reclaimed wood will make or break the project.
What type of reclaimed wood do I need?

Before purchasing any wood, it’s important to understand your project’s needs and why some types of wood are more appropriate than others. For example, the wood used for an accent wall may not be suitable for building an exterior door. That is because certain woods are better suited to indoor use while other woods offer more protection from the outside environment. Aesthetic factors also play an important role in selecting wood that compliments an particular style or application.

We make buying reclaimed wood easy.

When you purchase reclaimed wood products from Atlanta Barnwood you can trust our Reclaimed Wood Experts to give honest, professional advice on how to best use our products for your application. We offer a full range of wood services, including custom milling, kiln drying, heat treatments, and more. We also offer local delivery in the Atlanta area, and we ship nationwide.

Why  Shop Atlanta Barn Wood?


We have thousands of board feet of reclaimed wood products in stock and ready for your project.


We offer best quality wood products at competitive prices. Contractor discounts available.


We offer a wide range of milling services, local delivery, and nationwide shipping.

Custom River Tables

River Tables combine the natural, rustic beauty of wood with “rivers' of colorful or clear epoxy resin that complement or enhance the wood. Recently, a client asked if we could build a custom desktop for his home office in Louisiana. His vision was river table inspired by the University of Kentucky, his alma mater.. For the epoxy, we experimented with various shades of blue until we found a color that best matched the school's official logo. On the final pour we went with a clear epoxy to highlight the live edge contour and embedded UK logo The client loved the final result and he soon plans to add lighting underneath to take the design to the next level!

Recent Projects