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Reclaimed Beams

Reclaimed beams add warmth and elegance to any interior or exterior project. Whether your application is a mantel above a fireplace, beams across the living room ceiling or structural supports on your patio, reclaimed timbers provide provenance to a space. Our timbers are reclaimed from old barns, cabins, industrial sites, and other wooden structures in the USA. Clients use them as mantels, on ceilings, and for decorative applications.


Hand Hewn Beams

Beams with the original adze marks by the craftsmen who made them by hand over a century ago. Each beam is wire brushed.


Rough Sawn Beams

Refined, yet rustic looking timbers and include teeth marks from the saw blade as the wood was originally milled.

Rough Sawn Beam

Box Beams

Essentially hollow beams made from 1" thick material. Box beams provide the look of solid wood beams, while at the same time being much lighter and requiring less structural support for installation. The edges and ends are typically mitered (at 45 degrees).

Gray Oak Box Beam


Click below to visit our Inspiration Gallery and see how clients use our beams in their projects.

Rough Sawn Hardwood Mantel
Reclaimed beams on bathroom ceiling