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Superica Dunwoody

A wood slatted ceiling is a smart way to create a more warm and casual ambiance in your commercial space. Adding a cozy, inviting natural element, such as reclaimed wood, will have everyone feeling right at home. Superica Tex-Mex in Dunwoody is an excellent example of how to use a slatted reclaimed wood ceiling in a commercial space.

For the ceiling application, the client selected 2" wide planks made from uniform lengths of mixed species of reclaimed barnwood. The uniform size and warm tones of the reclaimed wood slats complement the other decor, which helps to create a consistent look throughout the entire establishment. It also serves as a contrast with the other design elements.


In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the slatted wood ceiling also helps to reduce the harshness of certain light fixtures by providing a shutter effect. Wood is great at absorbing sound, so using a slatted wood ceiling helps to reduce noise levels and dampen echo effects, making it easier for customers and employees to have conversations.

Project Information

NAME | Superica

LOCATION | 1220 Ashford Crossing, Dunwoody, Georgia

CONTRACTOR | Cabeen Originals



Brown Hardwood Paneling

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