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Farmhouse Kitchen & Foyer Alpharetta 

For this project in Alpharetta, our client wanted to add reclaimed wood elements to their foyer and kitchen spaces. The reclaimed oak table at the end of the kitchen island was built by the client, who also happens to be a hobbyist woodworker. The look of the naturally aged barnwood really compliments the home's farmhouse aesthetic. In the foyer, a custom reclaimed oak console table with drawers is framed with decorative hand hewn beams that inspire the look of old barn posts and barn rafters. Every detail of this kitchen space was thoughtfully planned and flawlessly executed by the client.

Project Information

NAME | Kitchen Renovation

LOCATION Alpharetta, Georgia

DESIGNER | Gregory Swayne

BUILDER | Gregory Swayne


Reclaimed Oak Lumber

Hand Hewn Beams

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