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Reclaimed wood is a natural product and may contain certain aged characteristics including but not limited to: color variations, nail holes, mortise pockets (holes), insect holes, livestock cribbing (chewing), staining, tapering, waning (not squared edges), etc. Because of the era in which this wood was originally cut, reclaimed wood is not as exact as modern day milled lumber. The dimensions and appearances of reclaimed wood can vary also from board to board, even from the same barn or building. These imperfections are inherent to the aesthetic of reclaimed wood.


Reclaimed wood is not intended to be used as structural wood.


Product samples are used solely to demonstrate the “general type, appearance and quality” of the product. Samples do not represent that the products being offered would necessarily conform or be identical to one particular sample. Mother Nature affects and ages each piece of reclaimed wood differently.


It is difficult to identify the specie of each piece of reclaimed wood.. When barns were originally built, the farmer would use the timber from their own land to build the structure(s). As a result, a single barn may contain many different wood species, including oak, ash, poplar, maple, hickory,. cherry, walnut, and others. We will offer our best guess as to the specie, but it does not guarantee the specie of reclaimed wood.


Reclaimed wood comes from abandoned barns, out buildings, fencing, etc that have been deconstructed/disassembled. Nails, metal and non-metal objects are often found in the wood. PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES SUCH AS SAFETY GOGGLES/GLASSES, MASK, GLOVES, ETC, ARE RECOMMENDED WHEN CUTTING, MILLING OR INSTALLING YOUR RECLAIMED WOOD.


Reclaimed wood originates from structures that were exposed to the natural elements for decades. The possibility of insects, decay and/or fungus can exist. We examine each piece of wood, to the best of our ability to identify infestation. If we identify such an infestation, the wood is treated or thrown away and not sold. Reclaimed wood products sold by Atlanta Barnwood are not warranted against insect habitation, decay, or fungus. Products such as Bora-care, Timbor and Termite-Pruf can greatly reduce these risks.


Variations in color and grain structure are common natural characteristics of reclaimed wood. Changes in color on finished reclaimed wood are to be expected. Water based products, oil-based products and lacquers will change the color of any wood. These variations and color changes are not warranted by Atlanta Barnwood. We will work with you to help achieve your desired color(s) but we do not guarantee that our reclaimed wood products will match exactly to your desired color(s).

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